“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

Albert Einstein

“Leverage conflict rather than be levelled by it.”

Runde and Flanagan

People are naturally different. Whenever motivations, processes and goals don’t align there is potential for conflict to arise. However, conflict isn’t always something to fear – because out of conflict arises opportunity and change.

When resolved effectively, conflict can lead to richer ideas, deeper understandings and stronger working relationships.

Resolve First are specialists in workplace conflict resolution. Our team is here to support yours.


Who is Resolve First?

We are conflict management specialists

Resolve First is a full service consultancy. We identify workplace conflict culture and provide tailored solutions including coaching, mentoring, training and mediation.

We are a fresh and agile consultancy

Resolve First embraces change. We apply contemporary knowledge, skills and experience to workplace conflict situations.


We create strategic change

Resolve First develops professional solutions. We transform negative workplace conflict into a productive source of energy, creativity and development.